How-to Use Lists


  1. Click the Projects tab in your MyBar.
  2. From the Project Information Card of the Project you wish to add a List to, click the Cogwheel icon, located at the bottom-right corner of the card.
  3. Select Forms from the Sections Bar.
  4. Navigate to the Form that you wish to add a List to and click on the "Design" button.
  5. Drag and drop a Dropdown List Form Control to the Canvas.
  6. Click on the Dropdown List from within the Canvas to display the Form Control Properties.
  7. Label the Dropdown List as required.
  8. Choose a Width for the Dropdown List.
  9. Select whether you would like the Dropdown List to be searchable, multi-select, a required field and/or read only.
  10. Select the List that you would like to use from the "Select List" dropdown.
  11. Click the "Save" or "Publish" button upon completion.


If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

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