Card Position

Card Position is a setting within the Form Control Properties that determines if and where certain Form Control values are presented on a Form Card. The purpose of placing values on the Form Card is to allow a quick preview into the Form without actually getting into the Form editor.

The value of a Form Control (except for a Section and a Password Field) can be presented through four types of Card Positions:

  1. When 'Title' is selected, the value that is entered in the Form Control will populate the title of the Form Card. The user can select the 'Title' Card Position for a single Form Control.
  2. The 'Description' option will place the value in the Form Control under the title on the Form Card in smaller and italic fonts.
  3. The "Date" position only works on a "Datepicker" Form Control and will display the selected date as a calendar image on the Form Card
  4. The other options ('Field 1', 'Field 2'... 'Field 8') will add the values of the Form Controls next to each other under the description on the Form Card.

Note: Card Position is only available on Multi-Entry Add-ons and Child Forms.


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