How-to Clone Form Versions

Cloning provides the ability to save time and resources when developing similar Form Templates to be used within a given Project.

  1. Click the Projects tab in the MyBar.
  2. Navigate to the Project Setup side of the Workspace Project.
  3. Select Forms in the left side of the Sections Bar and navigate to the Form which you would like to create a new Form Version for.
  4. Click the "Versions" icon, located at the top-right corner of the applicable Form Template tile.
  5. Next, click the "Clone" icon, similarly located at the top-right corner of the applicable Form Version tile.
  6. Edit the required fields within the "Clone Version" configuration page, provide a unique Key for your Cloned Form Version and click the "Save" or "Save & Close" button.
  7. Your Cloned Form will be located in the Forms section of the Workspace Project. You can now edit the Cloned form as needed.


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