Permissions are security measures that have been put in place, which allow Admin users the ability to dictate what a Member or a Group of Members is able to view, access and perform within a Organization. These security measure are built into the platform as some information and capabilities are not intended for all Members.

Admin users can edit Permissions in the Members and Groups sections of their Organizations, which is accessed through the Manage Organizations icon on the MyBar.

The different types of permissions we currently have in Lithium are:

  • No Access: The user has no access to a section or all sections in Powerhub, provided they have been the ‘no access’ permission allocated on these. This could be useful in cases where someone needs to access to one section but does not to another.
  • Viewer: Can only view sections for which they have tags assigned. They only have read-only access to the section assigned.
  • Contributor: Can create new entries, can work with the entries they have created and are assigned to such as add documents, notes, edit. They can see but will not be able to interact with other entries that they have access to (by tags).
  • Manager: Manager can manage, create and edit all entries they have access to (by tags). They cannot delete.
  • Owner: Owners can perform all actions in the section for which they are the owner. These include, create, edit and delete actions

Note: Restricting access is managed through Security Tags and through assigning Members to selected Portfolios and/or Projects. A Member will have access to an item if both the Member and the item share at least one Security Tag.

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