How-to Work with Documents

All Documents that have been uploaded to PowerHub Lithium have a range of "Form Actions" available. 

  1. Navigate to the Documents section within a Project or Portfolio.
  2. From the Document tile, you can select one of the required Form Action icons:
    • "Tasks": Upon clicking the "Add New" button, you can choose to either create a Recurring Task or Non-recurring Tasks that is associated with the Document.
    • "Child Form": Allows you to "Test" any Child Forms that may be associated with the Document.
    • "Share": Allows you to send a Document via email, directly from PowerHub Lithium. Click on the "Share" button, and from within the "Share Document" field, enter in the "Recipient's" email address(s) and provide a "Message" if required. Upon completion click the "Send" button to share the Document.
    • "Download": Allows you to download the selected Document directly from PowerHub Lithium.
    • "Preview": Allows you to preview the Document via the web browser. PowerHub Lithium automatically opens the selected Document in a new browser tab. (Note: The ability to view Documents relies on the support provided by the web browser being used).
    • "Edit": Allows you to change the "Name", "Tags" and/or "Description" of a Document. You can also "Replace File" with a new version of the Document. In addition, you also have the option to make the Document a "Private Document"; limiting access beyond those applied by the selected Security Tags.

  3. There is also an additional functionality of bulk editing, located within the Documents header, which is activated once two or more checkboxes have been selected. Bulk edit options include:

    • "Edit": Allows you to "Add / Remove" Tags, or change the Documents to "Private".  
    • "Download": Allows you to bulk download the selected Documents as a ".zip" file.
    • "Delete": Allows you to bulk delete the selected Documents.


If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

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