How-to Connect a Project to a Data Service Provider

Connecting a Project to a Data Service Provider, begins with granting the PowerHub Lithium team access to the desired third-party data portal.


Examples of Data Service Providers include: Draker


  1. Execute a copy of the "DAS Integration Authorization" letter, as provided by your Customer Success Specialist.
  2. The Data Service Provider would then be required to provide (on behalf of your Organization), relevant Project data to the PowerHub Lithium team, by means of a secure file exchange (i.e. API, CSV download and/or FTP exchange).
  3. PowerHub would then establish a Connection with the Data Service Provider, and utilizing a "Data Acquisition Form" specifically tailored for your Data Service Provider and map-out the desired fields required for the Performance Data points. Once established, PowerHub Lithium would then be able to display the applicable Performance Reports from within the Reports section of the platform.


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If you need further assistance with connecting your Project(s) to a Data Service Provide, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

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