How-to Manage Stakeholders

  1. Click the Projects or Portfolios tab in the MyBar.
  2. Select the Project or Portfolio that you wish to manage Stakeholders for.
  3. Click the Stakeholders section in the Sections bar.
  4. Located on the upper-right side of each Stakeholder tile, there are several selectable icons that can be utilized to manage each of your Stakeholders.
    • "Attachments": You can choose to upload any necessary Documents from your device by clicking the "Upload" button. Alternatively, you can search for Documents already uploaded into PowerHub Lithium, by clicking the "Browse" button.
    • "Tasks": You can choose to the "Add New" button, to create either a Recurring Task or "Non-recurring Tasks.
    • "Notes": This space is used to enter any additional comments or information relating to the Stakeholder.
    • "Child Form": Allows you to "Test" any Child Forms that may be associated with the Stakeholder.
    • "Edit": Allows you to change the "Name", "Company Name", "Primary Email", "Stakeholder Groups" and/or "Address" of a Stakeholder.
    • "Invite as Member": Allows you to invite a selected Stakeholder as a member of a given Organization. (Note: In order for the "Invite as Member" icon to appear, an email address must first be added to the Stakeholder's details).


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