How-to Upload Documents

  1. Click the Projects or Portfolios tab in the MyBar.
  2. Select the Projects or Portfolio where you wish to add a Document to.
  3. Click the Documents section in the Sections bar.
  4. Next, click the "Upload" button, located on the top-right side of the "Documents" header.
  5. Choose either the "Drag and Drop" or "Choose Files" option.
  6. Once the Document file has been selected, click the "Continue" button.
  7. Provide a "Name" for the Document, and (again) click the "Continue" button
  8. Add Tags and a "Description" to the Document as required. (Note: At least one Security Tag is required and can be chosen from the provided Dropdown List. Although not required, Custom Tags may be added by simply typing the name of the Tag, and pressing "Enter" on your device.
  9. If you choose to create a Private Document, select the "Private Document" checkbox; which will allow you to make the Document only visible to Admins users and/or Members that have been given Permission to view Private Documents.
  10. Next, click on the "Upload" to save the Document.


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