How-to Add Lookup Tables

  1. Click the Projects button, located in the MyBar.
  2. From the Project Information Card of the Project you wish to add a Lookup Table to, click the Cogwheel icon, located at the bottom-right corner of the card.
  3. Next, select Lookup Tables from the Sections Bar.
  4. To create a new Lookup Table, select the "Add New" button.
  5. Complete the "Name" and Key fields, the "Description" field (optional) as desired. Click the "Save"or "Save & Add Definition" button upon completion.
  6. From within the "Table Definition" page, populate the "Input Fields" (at a maximum of 5) and "Output Fields" (at a maximum of 10) accordingly.
  7. Upon completion select the "Save" or "Save & Add Data" button.

Note: When adding data, you can "Import" data from an external file, or simply select the "Edit" button, to manually insert the values into the applicable fields of the Lookup Table.


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