You'll find a Documents section within the Sections Bar of every Project, Portfolio and Workspace that allows you to upload Documents to PowerHub and publish ones you've created on the platform. Documents were designed to be secure, meaning you can mark their contents as private and apply Security Tags to manage who can access them.


While PowerHub lets you store Documents with any file extension However, previewing support is still limited by your internet browser. All unsupported files can simply be downloaded and reviewed accordingly.






This article will also discuss:

  1. Uploading Documents
  2. Documents as Attachments
  3. Interacting with Documents
  4. Bulk Editing



Uploading Documents 



To begin, click the Upload Image_2019-01-18_at_3.13.02_PM.png button within the Documents Section of the relevant Project, Portfolio or Workspace.






From the upload menu, you can choose to either drag and drop files from your computer, or browse your system for the correct documents.






You can select multiple documents to upload at the same time. Once you're happy with your selections, click CONTINUE.






As a security measure, PowerHub requires that you assign each of your documents at least one Security Tag, which you can learn more about here. To add an additional layer of security, you can also set documents to "Private", meaning only users with Permissions to view private documents will see them. Click here to learn more about setting these permissions.


You can also give your documents a description at this point, although this is not a mandatory (*) step to finish the upload. 






Once you've completed these steps, click the UPLOAD button to add your document(s) to PowerHub.



Documents as Attachments


Documents can also be uploaded to PowerHub as attachments in various locations such as Tasks, Stakeholders, and Forms. Looks for the Attachment.JPG Attachments  action button to see if this feature is available.






The process of attaching a document to any of these items is the same as outlined above, and any documents you upload as attachments will automatically populate in the Documents section of the Project or Portfolio it's uploaded to.


If you want to attach a document already uploaded to PowerHub, use the Attachment.JPG Browse button in the attachments menu to locate it.







From there, select which documents from the Project, Portfolio, or Workspace you want to attach, and click the ATTACH button.


















Interacting with Documents


There are several document action buttons to the right of documents' display name allowing several types of interaction.






The Tasks Tasks_0.JPG section allows you to assign Tasks specific to the contents of the document you're working on. For a more in-depth look at how to create Tasks for your document, see our article here.


You can use the Child Form Image_2019-01-21_at_12.05.22_PM.png feature to fill out forms assigned to the document. This is useful for recording information specific to that document. Learn more about Child Forms here


The Communications Comms.JPG tool lets you send and view past emails regarding the document in question. You can manually attached documents these emails, similar to linking a document to a form.


Sharing Image_2019-01-18_at_4.11.32_PM.png  is a more direct way of sending the document via email, whereby the document is automatically attached.


The Download Image_2019-01-18_at_4.26.58_PM.png button allows you to download the selected document directly from PowerHub.


Use the Preview Image_2019-01-18_at_4.31.00_PM.png button to quickly see the contents of a given file (note that not all file types are supported for this feature).


Edit Image_2019-01-15_at_12.05.43_PM.png lets you to change the "Name", "Tags" and/or "Description" of a document, as well as replace the file with a new version entirely. You can also toggle the document's "Private" status should the need arise.


To delete a document from PowerHub, use the Delete Image_2019-01-15_at_12.15.15_PM.png button.



Bulk Editing 


You can also bulk edit files by selecting one or more of them via check boxes to the left of the document title. Select your entire document list by checking the header box.






Once selected, you can Edit Image_2019-01-15_at_12.05.43_PM.png ("Add / Remove" Tags, or change the Documents to "Private"), Download Image_2019-01-18_at_4.26.58_PM.png, or Delete Image_2019-01-15_at_12.15.15_PM.png those documents.




If you need further assistance, please contact your organization's Administrator. As an Admin, if you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

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