How to reach us

You can contact the PowerHub team via phone or email as provided below, or, you can always contact your Customer Success Specialist directly. To access PowerHub's Contact UsImage_2019-01-14_at_2.28.21_PM.png page, click the icon in the MyBar.






On our contact page, you can reach us via email or phone for feedback and support. Speaking of support, have you heard about our Helpdesk? (hint: if you're reading this then you've already stumbled upon it!). In any case, there's always a link back to our helpdesk here.



Email for support:


Email for feedback:            


Phone: 1-855-POWRHUB (1-855-769-7482)




When you get to the Helpdesk landing page, you'll find three broad sections: Announcements, FAQs, and the Knowledge Base. We use Announcements to keep you up to date with the latest Helpdesk developments, FAQs for quick answers to frequent questions, and the Knowledge Base for in depth articles aimed at guiding you through the platform.







Access our social media and blog, product features and benefits, and an introduction to the amazing team behind the development of Powerhub.


Sign into the platform from here as well, or request a demo if your not already a subscriber. 



If you want to search this content at any point, click on the blue Image_2019-01-14_at_4.08.20_PM.png button at the bottom right and enter your query. You can follow provided links based on your search or leave us a message concerning your questions.






If you need further assistance, please submit a Ticket or contact your Customer Success Specialist directly.

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